TMM 12: End-of-Semester Ideas

June 7, 2021

Due to nonstop noise outside Carolyn’s apartment for the past four days, this episode of TMM is a 60-second activity with no video.

Five Fast Ideas:

  1. Give students an opportunity to check grades on Blackboard before you submit to the registrar. Ideally, give them a few days to check their grade and contact you if there is a mistake; this will hopefully avoid you having to make changes after submitting. 
  1. If you’re using end-of-semester reflection prompts, what can you do to make them fun? Consider using to create a randomizer. Here’s one I made as an example:
  1. Have learners write a letter or offer advice to future students, either anonymously or with their names. Their advice can sometimes be quite revealing. 
  1. This is a great time for feedback! Refer to previous TMM episodes on collecting feedback.

Please add any additional tips/ideas to our Open Space document here: You could offer a similar open document for students to share feedback or advice to future learners.